Ahling Consulting AB have three Businesses. One is Consulting in areas of Environmental Technology and Waste Technology, one is creating of database program in Sandödata and one is development of accessories for recreation boats.
Environmental and Waste Consulting

Recycling concept for industrial waste

Residual products are an almost inescapable feature of industrial processes. When they can no longer be re-utilized in the process, they are classified as waste. It is important that the waste is taken cared of in a Environmental and Recycling good way with a minimum of transports. Facilities for the destruction of unsorted waste have been built in Sweden and at a number of locations in other countries. There are always alternative where the waste can be an recourse for the industry.

We can offer an comprehensive advising in the whole Environmental and Waste Area,.

Sandödata (In Swedish)

Sandödata has its origin in the area of Environment. I started a Company for Recycling of Waste Oil. The first and most comprehensive program was to develope a complete administration for that Company. The Program takes care of the whole chain from Customer register to order, production and stock to invoicing and accounts receivable ledger and follow up and statistics of the whole Business.

After that Sandödata have continued to develop database programs with Paradox as a base. Most programs are for special purposes for certain demands but some are generally useful. Generally useful programs are the programs Aktieboken and Föreningsregistret to take care of shareholders for companies and members in associations.

Sandö marin (In Swedish)

If you want to moor your boat and dinghy in a safe way you should look at AnkorSafe.