Publications regarding incineration and waste published at IVL

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Incineration Research Reports

I still have copies or off-prints of many of the reports.

1. Ahling, B. & Kurtén, R. Method for measuring of the transit time in furnaces. STU-report 75.4564. 1976.

2. Ahling, B. & Johansson., L. Incineration of wood impregnated with arsenic. Report to Träskyddsinstitutet, Aug. 1976.

3. Ahling, B. & Johansson, L. Incineration of paint waste. Report to Nordisk Ministerråd. Sept. 1977. (IVL- publ. B 440).

4. Ahling, B. A description of a test plant for combustion on a pilot scale. Chemosphere 7(1977)437- 442. (IVL - publ. B 259)

5. Ahling, B. & Johansson, L. Förbränningsförsök med pentaklorfenol i pilot och fullskala. IVL-publ B 273 1977

6. Ahling, B. & Johansson, L. Combustion experiments using pentachlorophenol on a pilot-scale and full-scale. Chemosphere 7 (1977) 425-436.

7. Ahling, B., Lindskog, A., Jansson, B & Sundström, G. Formation of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans during combustion of a 2,4,5-T formulation. Chemosphere 8(1977)461- 468.

Ahling, B. Förbränningsförsök med DDT och Lindan. IVL-publ B 287 1978.

8. Ahling, B. The combustion of waste containing DDT and Lindane. The science of the total Environment 9(1978)117-24.

9. Ahling, B. & Lindskog, A. Thermal destruction of PCB and hexachlorobenzene. The Science of the total Environment 10(1978)51-59.

10. Ahling, B., Jansson, B. & Sundström, G. Formation of polychlorinated dibenzo--p-dioxins during combustion of chlorophenol formulations. The Science of the total Environment 10(1978) 209-217.

11. Ahling, B., Björseth, A & Lunde, G.. Formation of chlorinated substances during combustion of PVC. Chemosphere 10(1978) 799-806.

12. Ahling, B. & Lindskog, A. Study at Andco-Torrax pyrolysis plant in Grasse, France. IVL-publ. B 480, Jan. 1979.

13. Ahling, B. & Wiberger, K. Förbränning av fenitrotion och malation. IVL-publ B 366 1979

14. Ahling, B. & Wiberger, K. Incineration of pesticides containing phosphorus. J. of Environmental Quality 8(1979)12-13. (IVL-publ. B366).

15. Ahling, B. Thermal destruction. IVL/VKI publ. 1:24 1979.

16. Toftgård, R., Cederberg, I. & Ahling, B. Toxicological effects of flue gases from incineration of waste from a pulp bleaching plant. Rapport Miljövänlig blekning

17. Ahling, B. Destruction of chlorinated hydrocarbons in a cement kiln. Env. Sc. and Tech. 13(1979)1377.

18. Ahling, B. Emissions of organic compounds at incineration of wastes. Speech Elmia-Avfall 79. VVS-tidningen 10/79.

19. Ahling, B. & Lindskog, A. Incineration of waste from a pulp bleaching plant. Rapport Miljövänlig blekning Report No 14, Jan. 1980.

20. Ahling, B. & Gromulski, J. Investigation of the destruction efficiency of different types of furnaces. IVL-publ. B 546, March 1980.

21. Ahling, B. & Rudling, R. Emission of organic substances from municipal waste incineration. SNV-publ. 1316, 1980.

22. Rudling, L., Ahling, B. & Lövroth, G. Chemical and biological characterization of flue gases from small scale incineration of wood and wood chips. SNV-publ. 1331, 1980.

23. Ahling, B. & Lindskog, A. Emission of chlorinated organic substances from combustion. Proceedings of a Workshop held at the Istituto Superiore di Santità Rome, 22-24 October 1980

24. Ahling, B. & Wiberger, K. Incineration of Freon TF. IVL-publ. B 648 January 1982.

25. Rudling, L., Ahling, B. & Lindskog, A. Emissions from incineration of coal and oil. Report for Kol-Hälsa--Miljö 1982.

26. Ahling, B and Lindskog A. Emission of chlorinated organic substances from combustion. Pergamon series on Environmental Science Vol 5 1982.

27. Ahling, B., Lundén, L. and Edner, S. Experimental firing with Brini, at Eksjö, April 1981. IVL-publ. B 679 Feb.1982.

28. Ahling, B. and Lundén, L. Long-term emission study of powdered coal firing. Report for Kol-Hälsa-Miljö, 1982

29. Ahling, B., Lundén, L. and Edner, S. Incineration of separated and unseparated municipal wastes. IVL-publ. B 674 April 1982.

30. Rudling, L. and Ahling, B. Incineration of peat and wood chips. May 1982.

31. Lundén, L., Ahling, B. and Edner, S. Incineration of separated municipal wastes and coal. Sept. 1982.

32. Ahling, B. and Bardh, N. Emissions from small oil fired furnaces. IVL-publ. B 717, January 1983.

33. Ahling, B. & Almemark, M. Behandling av klorerat avfall. IVL-publ B 783 1984

34. Ahling, B. Destruction of PCB in the cement kiln in Degerhamn. February 1983.